Hey hey, I’m Connor — the author of this website.

For your convenience, I’ve compiled a short and long version of information about me and ClearSkinDaily.com. But before we get to that, here are some quick stats on my personal background so you know where I’m coming from.

Quick Stats

I’m a biological female who lives in sunny and humid South Florida. I’m currently 28 years old. I’m also vegan. The type of acne I have is genetic and hormonal. And oh yeah, my 23andMe results say I’m mostly Filipino, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

23andMe results
23andMe results

Okay, now that you know the gist of my roots, onward to the short and long versions on info about me and why I created Clear Skin Daily.

Short version

I’ve been battling acne from early adolescence and now in my adult years. For me, acne has been both a hormonal and genetic pain in the ass. I’ve created this website to share my research and what has (or hasn’t) worked for me in the battle against acne. Ultimately, I hope to help the community of adult acne sufferers fight and win their battles against acne.

Long version

I’ve had acne since middle school at about age 12 all the way up to now at age 28. My family has a history of acne from my fathers side which was passed down to me and one of my older brothers, so unfortunately acne plays a genetic role in my life.

As the years went on and I started getting my menstrual cycle, my acne got significantly worse. My body’s chaotic hormonal environment caused by my menstrual cycle has wreaked havoc on my face and mental/emotional well-being since I can remember.

I remember in middle school and high school I would think to myself, it’s okay, it’s just your hormones and they’ll regulate better next year. Each year would come and go but my systematic acne flare ups and subsequent hyper pigmentation stayed.

Trying every acne product I could buy

I remember trying product after product with little to no success at my attempts to rid myself of acne.

After trying nearly 100 or so products, I eventually gave up and figured I was just one of those people who was fated to have acne no matter what. I blamed my acne on my young body and said to myself that I’ll eventually grow out of it.

Then college time came around. I thought for sure that by now my acne flare ups would at least lessen in frequency. It didn’t.

Experimenting with what I ate and drank

After my stint in buying skincare products in high school and college, I spent a great deal of time paying zero attention to acne products. I resented the industry because none of the products I tried worked and I was out hundreds of dollars.

Cutting out dairy products

My next move in combating acne was to modify my diet by cutting out dairy. For one month experimented with not eating cheese, ice cream, or drinking cows milk. At the end of that month I noticed I didn’t get as many break outs as usual. I thought to myself, maybe I’m allergic to dairy products then. To test this hypothesis, I drank cows milk and ate ice cream the day after.

Can you guess what happened the next morning?

Yep. Acne. Little red bastards sprouted in patches on my chin and cheeks.

Well, okay, I thought. No more dairy for me. I took this as progress and maintained a relatively dairy-free diet with the exception of the occasional pizza and ice cream indulgence. (Those always led to acne flare ups the very next morning.) This only confirmed my dairy allergy and impulsive stupidity.

Note: I quit drinking soda/pop in college as well. I didn’t quit because I thought it might help my acne though. I quit because I just didn’t want to ingest all those useless calories from a drink. Since quitting soda/pop, I haven’t noticed a difference in my acne severity. I did however lose a bit of weight.

Trying a vegan diet for a month

Up until this point, abstaining from dairy products seemed to lessen my acne a bit so I just stayed the course and moved on with my life.

Then one day my friend and I (who has no acne at all – lucky bastard) thought it’d be a fun idea to try a vegan diet for a month. We made this commitment after watching Food Inc. and not so much because I thought it would help my acne.

My friend and I weren’t well-versed in cooking so well just cut out meat from our diet and didn’t really add to it. This was a rookie mistake that eventually led us to continue an omnivorous diet after our month was up. We had good intentions, but our execution was poor. Moving forward, we tried to consume products that were ethically sourced and settled at that.

One big thing that I took away from that experience was that my acne seemed to be more mild. And after I began eating meat again, the severity of my acne returned back to normal. This could either be attributed to meat, processed foods, or a combination of both.

Battling adult acne today

I’ve gained new perspectives on acne and how to combat it using todays wonderful acne clearing products, preventive diy measures, and with a new and improved vegan diet.

For full disclosure, my acne isn’t 100% gone, thanks to genetics and my fluctuating hormones – but I’ve found a lot of helpful ways to keep my acne at bay.

Right now, I’m focusing on consistently following an acne fighting routine that has worked for me. I’m also learning and experimenting with products/methods that help reduce the appearance of the hyper pigmentation that my years of acne has left behind.

In this blog, I intend to share what I’ve learned to help me kick acne’s ass. Ultimately, by sharing what I’ve learned, I hope to help the community of adult acne sufferers fight and win their battles against acne.